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1. About us

We welcome you at Volgograd State Institute of Arts and Culture, a leading institute of art and culture in the Southern Federal District of Russia.

Our teachers are candidates of sciences and doctors of sciences, laureates of international competitions, honored cultural workers, honored artists of the Russian Federation.

About 6000 of our graduates became winners of international and regional competitions, festivals and Delphic games.

We are proud to say that at our institute we create new music collectives – orchestras, choirs, music ensembles. We organize festivals, contests, symposiums, congresses, practical scientific workshops. Each year our international partnership with creative music groups and foreign universities is growing. In the institute several performing music bands work, which are famous beyond Volgograd Region.

We hope that your study at our institute will be perspective and fruitful in many spheres whilst living in sunny Volgograd comfortable and inspiring!

2. Information about the city of Volgograd

Date of foundation 1589

Population - 1 million

Universities - 7 

average temperature winter: −5.9°C, summer: +22.2°C

Living wage 10,026 ₽/month

Rent 1-room apartment 12 000 – 15 000 ₽/month

3.Contact information:

Address: 400001, Volgograd, Tsiolkovskogo street, 4

Acting rector

Lukonina Oksana Igorevna,

Doctor of Art Criticism, Academician of Natural Sciences, Full Professor

Rector’s reception, secretary

Gribanova Tatyana Lyvovna

Tel.: (8442) 97-48-84

E-mail: vgiik_pr@volganet.ru


4. Student residence: 

Volgograd State Institute of Arts and Culture offers required accommodation for international students with Russian visa.

Student residence is located 10 minutes by walk from the main building of the institute in the downtown of city Volgograd.

Student residence address: Volgograd, street Kovrovskaya 4.

Student residence Director: Pichinina Natalya Anatolevna

Tel.: +7 (8442) 93-0937

Accommodation fees start from 1600 rubles per month for a bed in a double room in our dormitory.

5. Specialties and tuition fees: 

In our institute the tuition fees are the same for citizens both of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.

Profession Specialization Training period Cost per year Form of study
Higher education programs
Bachelor's degree
1 52.03.02Choreographic Performance Artist-dancer of the modern dance ensemble 3 years 282 000 rub. Full-time education
2 53.03.02The Art of Instrumental Music Performance Piano, stringed instruments, wind and percussion instruments, folk orchestra instruments 4 years 343 000 rub. Full-time education
3 53.03.03 Vocal Art Academic singing, Operetta theater 4 years 255 000 rub. Full-time education
4 53.03.05 Conducting Conducting an academic choir 4 years 267 000 rub. Full-time education
5 51.03.02 Folk art culture Management of an arts and crafts studio 4 years 159 000 rub. Full-time education
6 53.05.01 The Art of Concert Performance Piano, stringed instruments, wind and percussion instruments, folk orchestra instruments 5 years 365 000 rub. Full-time education
7 53.05.02 Artistic Direction of Symphony Orchestra and Academic Choir Artistic Direction of Academic Choir 5 years 355 000 rub. Full-time education
8 53.05.04 The Art of Music and Theatre 5 years 357 000 rub. Full-time education
Secondary vocational education programs
1 53.02.02 Musical Variety Art Pop singing 4 years 120 000 rub. Full-time education
2 53.02.03 Instrumental Performance Piano, stringed instruments, wind and percussion instruments, folk orchestra instruments 4 years 123 000 rub. Full-time education
3 53.02.04 Vocal Art 4 years 127 000 rub. Full-time education
4 53.02.06 Choir Conducting 4 years 105 000 rub. Full-time education
5 54.02.01 Design (by types) 4 years 97 000 rub. Full-time education
6 54.02.02 Decorative and Applied Arts and Ethno-Cultural Crafts(by types) 4 years 97 000 rub. Full-time education

Students admitted to study must combine their studies with additional parallel study of the Russian language under an additional agreement.

6. List of entrance tests

Entrance test Details
1 Artistic examination Performance of a solo program Video recording of the program
2 Professional examination Testing of theoretical knowledge and auditory abilities Online video conference
3 Russian Online testing
4 Interview Identification of the general cultural level of the applicant Online video conference

7. Entrance test requirements

52.03.02 Choreographic Performance


53.03.02 The Art of Instrumental Music Performance 53.05.01The Art of Concert Performance


53.03.03 Vocal Art 53.05.04 The Art of Music and Theatre


53.03.05 Conducting 53.05.02 Artistic Direction of Symphony Orchestra and Academic Choir


8. Visa application

Foreign students need a passport and visa to enter the Russian Federation. If you've been accepted into a Russian university, you should start preparing your required entry documents in advance. A student visa can be obtained at the embassy or consulate of the Russian Federation in another country. Most European Union countries also have special visa centers. It is worth starting registration 45 days before arrival in Russia. The visa issuance process takes 2-3 weeks.

The package of required documents includes:

  • Foreign passport;
  • Completed application form;
  • An invitation from the host (university) to enter Russia;
  • Photo 3.5x4.5 cm;
  • Health insurance policy (visa up to 90 days);
  • Certificate of absence of HIV infection (visa for more than 90 days);
  • Parental consent for minors to leave the country.

An invitation confirms the applicant's purpose of arrival in Russia and is a required part of the visa application. If a student enrolled independently, the university will issue an invitation. In this case, the student must provide a copy of the invitation in their document package for their visa. The invitation will be valid for 3 months..

9. List of documents for obtaining an Application for Study:

Consent to the processing of personal data (form attached; fill out, sign and send a scanned copy).

Program name Training period Tuition fee per year
Musical instrument (piano, bowed string instruments, wind and percussion instruments, folk instruments)

3 months

6 months

9 months

44 000 rub.

88 000 rub.

130 000 rub.

The art of choreography

3 months

6 months

9 months

44 000 rub.

88 000 rub.

130 000 rub.

Academic vocals

3 months

6 months

9 months

44 000 rub.

88 000 rub.

130 000 rub.

Russian as a foreign language

3 months

6 months

9 months

44 000 rub.

88 000 rub.

140 000 rub.

Administration of Volgograd 


Committee of culture of Volgograd Region


Main department of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Volgograd region


Official website for selecting foreign nationals for education in Russian Federation


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